Changing Financial Habits

The first step is to pay tithing and then yourself. Once those two are completed then make a payment on your debts.

Giving to charity is important for many reasons. For instance, many wealthy people feel that giving generously to charity was returned to them tenfold; however, don’t give to charity expecting a massive return. Certainly, don’t take out a loan.

Notably, Chris and Orrin the authors of Financial Fitness teach; “The spirit of giving is the spirit of abundance, and living in the attitude of abundance will bless you in many ways.”

They also warn that giving to charity is not a guarantee that you will receive more. It may happen, but don’t depend on it. Instead, you should give because it is the right thing to do.

Living by a budget is necessary for everyone including the wealthy. However, some need to be more militant about it than others. If you are living paycheck to paycheck you should consider a cash envelope system.

Here are a couple of ideas for budgeting your finances. First, start a cash envelope system, where every payday you distribute money into the various envelopes.

Chris and Orrin recommend paying tithing first and then yourself before you dump money into the envelopes. You can borrow cash from other envelopes if you feel the need, but you shouldn’t add more money until payday.

Another budgeting strategy is to carry a notebook around with you and record everything you buy. This habit will help you to start thinking differently about money. As a result, money will mean more to you. Most people have no idea how much they spend.