Easy Ways to Save

I’m not talking about the pre-planned dinner date with your significant other. Keep going on those dates. I’m talking about the fast-food lunches you squeeze into your schedule a few times a week. That’s an extra $15-$30 per week (or $780- $1560 per year) that you are spending on food you don’t even enjoy that much. Pack your lunch if you don’t have a lunch meeting for work. Not only will you save on your food expenses, but you’ll be eating healthier food. Who knows? This could also help you to earn more by being able to work more and help you save on medical expenses.

You may think that you are getting a killer deal on your home and auto insurance because it’s bundled. But that bundle you have could have you wrapped up in a couple of expensive policies without you even knowing it. It’s a good idea to get your policies quoted around every couple of years or so because the price difference could be hundreds or even over a thousand dollars! Most people don’t realize that companies increase their pricing from time to time depending on the overall loss ratio of a geographical area. Also, companies will reduce their pricing on occasion if they find that a particular area is beginning to be more profitable for them. And don’t just quote the brand name companies. The large marketing budget that the big insurance companies have does not necessarily translate into better coverages for clients. In fact, many lesser known companies can offer the same great coverage at a fraction of the cost. Ask an independent agent for a quote when shopping.