First National Legacy Card

First National Legacy credit cards offer purchase protection that covers theft, loss or damages to contents. Fraudulent purchases are covered by a zero liability if the card is reported missing or stolen prior to use. Cash advances are included as part of the credit limit, and can be withdrawn at any ATM that accepts Visa cards, just as with all other credit cards. Of course, you will incur a cash advance fee, but this option comes in quite handy in emergencies.

A deposit is not required to access a line of credit with these cards and a timely repayment history results in an increased credit limit and reduced annual percentage rate. This allows even those with a bad credit history to use non-cash payments, according to First National Bank, and has been tailored to cater to those who would like to get their credit history back on track.

Account activity on First National Legacy credit cards can be accessed through a secure login through which provides around the clock statement access, payment processing, automatic payment scheduling, dispute resolution and support, profile management and personal identification number requests. Text and e-mail alerts can also be configured for all transactions so that you can keep a tab of all activity on your card and account.

If you’d like to get a First National Legacy Visa credit card, you need to have been referred by an existing card holder. Enrollment for these cards is not open to the general public and is by invitation only. On being referred for one of these cards, you are required to accept the referral either online or directly by using the referral number in the e-mail you would have received. Once you’ve got your new card, use it responsibly and watch your credit history fix itself.