Make Extra Cash Today

  • Sell Roadside Items
    You can buy a $5 30 pack of water and sell the bottles for a dollar a piece on hot days. It is a quick and easy way to make an extra buck for those desperate times. While it may be embarrassing, chances are you can sell a few packs of water in under an hour, making you a lot of cash.
  • Make Things to Sell
    If you are crafty you can make your own business and sell things such as t-shirts, soaps or perfumes. You can sell your product on websites like Etsy and make a lot of money for yourself.
  • Look Around for Change
    Chances are if you look around hard enough in places like your couch cushions, car or under your bed you can find some extra money that should amount to a solid about of cash for you.
  • Take Paid Online Surveys
    Paid online surveys are a very easy way to make a solid income online. Some websites offer you $5-$25 per survey you take and allow you to make a lot of money from the comfort of your home.
  • Hold a Yard Sale
    If you have a cluttered house you can probably hold a garage sale to get rid of old gadgets lying around. Some people will give you money for just about anything and while you think something may be worthless, there’s a chance you can get some solid cash for it.
  • Sign up for Medical Tests
    There are usually medical tests going on at your local hospital that you can sign up for. Google medical test volunteers and you can sign up for tests in your area today. You usually have to pass some sort of physical in order to take part in these tests, but as long as you’re a healthy individual you should be fine.