Money Forecast

Overcast mid-morning skies

Most Jamaicans are fair-weather people; the first sign of cloudy skies will cause them to cancel their outdoor plans. In the same way, before many persons venture into any income-generating idea, they want to be certain that there will be little chance of failure or else they will not proceed.

An aversion to rain when partaking in excursions is one thing, but being unwilling to try new ways to earn extra money is a very unprogressive approach for 2016. For most of us, there are few other options to cope with rising inflation or to finance our long-term savings and investment goals.

Don’t be scared of getting your feet wet in the world of entrepreneurship. You may have buried talents which can allow you to earn, or there might be opportunities right in front of you to market an in-demand product or service. Pledge to step out and sell confidently despite the uncertainties.

Heavy afternoon downpours

If you have ever tried to traverse a Jamaican road in a deluge, then you have a good idea of what the going is like for many small business owners in this country. Imagine the frustrations of getting splashed by inconsiderate motorists or being trapped in traffic snarls, and you will understand.

While I encourage everyone to try to find simple avenues for making extra money, operating a business is not for the faint of heart. You have to be prepared to slog it out through the torrents of inadequate sources of credit and inconsistent supply of customers, to make a decent living.

Despite the difficulties, owning a business can be a rewarding choice for persons who wish to serve others with their products and services and create their own destiny. If you have the fortitude to weather the rain, then commit to learning and applying the skills you need to excel in business.

Gentle evening breezes

After a humid, tempestuous day, there’s nothing more relaxing than soft, cooling winds to close out the evening. Most people hope that there will come a time when they can retire from working and finally enjoy what life has to offer without the stresses and strains of a nine-to-five job.

Unfortunately, many persons never put any provisions in place to create an income stream that will take care of them when they wish to stop working. Therefore, they are destined to battle through unpleasant financial weather for the rest of their lives, finding no peace from the storms.

To ensure that your sunset years will be enjoyable, you need to make plans to save and invest in assets that can generate enough income when you retire. This is another good reason to focus on earning more right now, so that you can adequately fund your retirement nest egg.