Money Mindsets

Rich-Minds are selfless and purposeful people who know that by prospering they can genuinely contribute meaningfully to humanity, so they view money as a necessary means to accomplish that end, and not as an end itself. And because they fully understand that money is the globally accepted agent for value exchange, they diligently strive to create wealth for the sole purpose of advancing their chief aim in life. In fact, for these people, money without purpose is nothing. They are givers, builders, righteous, believers, peacemakers, lovers, generous, charitable, dreamers, achievers, bold, authentic, and original… Follow them for they are the crusaders of good money and long-term gains!

On the other side of the divide are Poor-Minds who are selfish and greedy because of their flawed mentality about real prosperity. According to them, making and having money perpetually is the main essence for human existence so they must continue to amass wealth at any cost. They worship money, and are prepared to sell their souls in pursuit of it, because, in their own order of relevance, the love of money is far greater than the need for purpose and significance in life. And so, for these people, money is the purpose for everything. They are takers, destroyers, criminals, deceivers, war mongers, exploiters, stingy, schemers, corruptible, desperate, fraudsters, claimers, fake, and superficial… Avoid them for they are proponents of quick money and short-term profits!

But observing lazily from the sidelines, in a critical and judgmental manner, are the Lost-Minds who care less because they feel that money is the ultimate problem of this world. They falsely believe that money is evil and so every struggle for it, whether for good or for bad, must surely lead to hell. Moreover, their spirits lack a vital element of life which is purpose, and for this reason, they are blinded by the fogs of scarcity and jealousy to the extent that they lack the ability to see any need for wealth, and thus, they never achieve anything meaningful or significant in life. In short, these people believe that there is no purpose for money in anything. They are receivers, critiques, naysayers, dream-killers, doubters, haters, beggars, ill-wishers, vulnerable, timid, drifters, blamers, undefined, and controversial… Ignore them because even though they advocate for a world with no money, they still have an acute sense of entitlement!

So obviously, money can be good, can be bad, or, can be nothing. This is because money on its own is neutral; however, it is the means by which we seek, chase, manage or use it that can either be harmful or helpful. Similarly, what gives money its energy, power and potency are our perceptions, interpretations, intentions, actions and reactions toward it. Of which, money can be used to accomplish more good than evil if most of our pursuits in life are meaningful and significant based on the values of integrity and honesty. By creating and having more good wealth, we can help more families, build more homes, put food on more tables, educate more people, heal more patients, fund more businesses, create more job opportunities, donate to more charities, support more worthy causes, do more projects, find more solutions to many human problems, etc. In any case, it is crucially important to note that amidst all the confusion about the need, the love and the lack of money, our financial hardships or the lack of them, has absolutely nothing to do with money itself, but everything to do with our Money Mindsets.